dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_biz,

An apology.

About two hours ago, insomnia sent me an e-mail to patch up a bit and send as the newsletter... and so I did.
However, I forgot to link in a text version, or think about using the user properties to pick and choose what kind of e-mail to send to each person. It also wouldn't have been very hard to sift out duplicate e-mails.

... It rendered fine in my old version of pine, so it didn't really hit me that it was an HTML e-mail.

I'm sorry for the annoyance.

You can all be pretty sure that you won't see anything more about the webbies this year. That's it, no more spam. The e-mail was the last step. You also probably won't see another "newsletter" for a while.

I apologize, I'm sorry.

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