Firelegend (firelegend) wrote in lj_biz,

"I'd buy that for a dollar"

What I have seen when I have surfed personal sites. I often will click on the person's URL when I wanna learn more about then before I had them as a freind. Time and time again I see a blog on their website/homepage. Maybe if livejournal was easier to insert into people's home pages (and look nice), more people would use our service vs. bloggers?

Just a thought as to why people may be going to them instead of us.

I have a blog. I havn't updated it sence the week i got it. But I re-did my site and here I am thinkin about that blog acount.. cause last time I tried to put LJ in my site it looked like poopy.

And I just tried to create a new style and it says:
[LiveJournal: Bad username, styleid, or style definition]
when i change the javascript to the new one.

Why is this such a complicated thing to do?

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