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LiveJournal News e-mail. [Updated]

I'd like to express my opinion regarding the LiveJournal News e-mail that was just sent. . . that e-mail should not have been sent as HTML.

There are a lot of people who are still using mail clients that don't support HTML, and it's much more inconvenient for them to deal with an HTML e-mail than it is for someone with a mail client supporting HTML to deal with a text e-mail.

I know, HTML can be nice, and pretty, and all that crap, but unless you are absolutely certain you're sending it to someone with an HTML capable mail client, it shouldn't be used. And, we shouldn't forget, there are many people who dislike HTML e-mail even if their mail client supports it.

I'd like to strongly request that all future e-mails sent out like this be sent as plain text only.

For the record, while I was all for a LiveJournal News e-mail, I didn't get a chance to read this one because I'm not willing to waste my time digging through raw HTML in e-mail. All HTML e-mails I receive are deleted unread.

[Updated]: I'd like to apologize to dormando for being harsh in this post. Yes, he made a mistake, that's life. I should have realized immediately that this was an error as opposed to an intentional thing, and not jumped out so hard on him.

As it is, it was just one little e-mail, easily deleted for those of us who are crusty old text-only e-mail people. I'm still glad it was sent out, and would like to say thanks to Dormando for his work with it.

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