Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

Will we win a webby?

At this rate, I don't think so unless something changes.

Looks like people are, as expected, piling on the votes late into the whole Webby thing. LiveJournal is now tied with PayPal in the Services category, and is leading Blogger by a scant 3% of the vote in the Personal category, down from a 5% lead. It doesn't help that we appear to be slipping in the polls... when the race is close, the voting becomes much more active.

I'm sure all of you have heard that you should vote. I suspect most of you already have done so, and the rest of you don't see the point. The fact of the matter is that bigname leaders in the computer industry are already talking about our kind of software as the most significant new Internet software since Napster. Unfortunately, they are also failing to notice our project because we lack a "broad user base" (i.e. We're all a bunch of kids) and lack the access that other weblog services have to the media, and to promote our software at conventions and seminars.

Some people think that this award means nothing. The truth is, winning these awards would change everything. We will have earned respect, let the industry pundits know that we can't be taken for granted, and noone could take that away from us.

What I want is for those of you who want LiveJournal to win this thing to respond to this post and let me know how you can help us get another 300 votes. That's about what it will take to win. We especially need to reach those users who are newer, who don't read LJ_biz or news or even read communities. We could also use the support of the larger open source community, if possible.

So, what can you do personally to help? I can't do it all myself, and it wouldn't be right if I did. LiveJournal needs your help.

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