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People have been suggesting new LiveJournal moods to me.
The protocol was designed to allow extensions to the mood list...

How can we decide which moods to add?
Maybe all of them?

  • The existing list is tends towards "negative" moods. While this representative of the LiveJournal population (heh), it might be nice to have better balance.
  • New moods get new icons.
    Someone proposed "orgasming", (which isn't a word by this spell checker, but is on Dictionary.com), which would be especially amusing considering the prevalence of cartoony themes...

  • If the mood list is too long, it'll be useless to display when posting (too hard to find a word that matches your mood.
  • Finding the proper place on the mood tree might be difficult.
  • We don't want stupid moods on it. "proud" would be good, while "orgasming" is hardly a mood.

    I'm not looking for mood suggestions yet.
    I'm looking for suggestions on how to manage this.
    I'm thinking everyone can propose moods (in a later thread) then we can vote on them?
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