Mega (mega) wrote in lj_biz,


Ok, so this might be a tad too adventurous....but I'm in the mood for making a LiveJournal commercial.

Maybe it is be an idea that prepares for a bigger future oneday. While I am sort of on the topic, I have to say...with so many willing users on LJ, we could probably do everything inhouse...LiveJournal Productions Present.

I thought about a new journal concept also, but it seems like it can not happen. The idea was to have something similar to a community...a limited number of users sign up. The difference is, there is certain role for each user, like a character they have to perform....except...there is also a narrator. They have to keep to their role and all unrelated entries would be deleted.

Basically, it would be like multitasked scriptwriting. The userpics would be removed and replaced with 'USERNAME:'

The first problem I found however was that this idea would suck when there can only be 60 entries viewed on the lastn.

Anyways, I'm in for creativity.

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