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my take on the front page content. is a free service that allows you to create, customise, and keep your own personal journal, online. There's no limit to what you can do with your journal - it's all up to you. Personal diaries, news update pages, community bulletin boards - it's all possible.

Download the client that suits your computer - available for windows, macintosh, unix or beos computers - or just update via the web updater.

You could write your own client, if you wanted - is an open source project. The source code to the server and all the clients are available under various open source licenses, mainly the GPL.

Getting Started:

  • Create your own LiveJournal
  • Update Journal
  • Download a Client
  • Customize your LiveJournal.

Communicating, and community

  • Edit your Personal information
  • Edit your LiveJournal Friends
  • Edit or delete old journal entries
  • Group journals and shared interests

Technical Support

  • Read the FAQ
  • Request help in the support area
  • Developer Information
  • Contributors

um. i think the links - getting started, communicating/community, and tech support, need some reivision. i think the community side of lj can really be used to our advantage.... i don't bloody know. here. it's less wordy than before. figure it out. :/

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