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This Is A Place To Post Thoughts On Blogger, Not LiveJournal
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6-21-2001, 20:50

I don't see why you LJ people are whining. Blogger is right, ya'll are cocky. The Webbies aren't for itty bitty sites, otherwise everybody could be a nominee. They're for BIG sites. And Blogger is big. I'd heard of Blogger a lot before I started Blogging, and I had never heard of LJ until one of my friends told me I had to read her friend's blog hosted at LJ.

Why would LJ be better? I have just gone and set up and LJ account to see why it's sooooo good. I didn't stick around long, but first of all, where is the option to change how your journal looks? An important part of blogging to me is the ability to attempt to make my blog look good. Maybe I just missed this feature. And then the way the entries are set up, it's for dummies! Having to have a place to stick a title? People ought to be able to do that. Even if you can't do HTML, this isn't hard. The features that Blogger offers (like a SPELL CHECK) seem to me to be much more important to the blogging expirience, so I advice all of you to blog there.

Besides, the goat on the LJ page is ugly.

(from the webby awards blogger comments .... some very good points on why LJ sucks)

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