Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I hate the overrides box.

I want to move it to the admin console ... people could do: "override_list" or "override_set <variable> <value>".

Reasons why I hate it:

  • the majority of people have figured it out now, so people are using that as an explicit reason not to pay for an account
  • it's confusing for new and current users... I still get mail asking about it.
  • it lets people set non-overridable variables, thus avoiding making a style the real way.
Any change is going to piss people off, but we need to change it.

Here's my current thought: move it to the admin console, impose restrictions (you can't override things that aren't overridable), but expand the number of things people are allowed to override ... the talk links, especially. I'll write a quick program to see what people currently override, and make sure we don't interfere with that, but disallow overriding of the whole page and such.

S2 --- people keep saying everybody will be allowed to use it, anyway, so who cares, right? Paid users will get to use more of S2 than regular users, I've decided. Free users will be allowed to do a lot, but not everything. Styles will be able to have high-level options like, "What do you want the talk links to say?" and "What side do you want the bar on, left or right?". Free users can change all that, add blocks of HTML into the page, and customize all the colors and graphics, but making a new style will still be restricted.

We need to treat paid users better, as I'm hearing an increasing amount of complaining that paid users aren't much different from free users. My goal isn't to be filthy rich, but my goal is to prevent a drop-off in the percentage of new memberships.

Also ... do we let people use styles they made after their paid account runs out? What about user pictures?

Flame away.


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