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Blogger re-enters the race

Check for this little rant by Evan.

Show your love. The hour is drawing near, and
the race is close. If you find Blogger at all useful
or handy, and you haven't done so already, I
must ask you the small favor of showing your
appreciation with a vote for the Webby
People's Voice award (in the Personal Site
category). It takes about two minutes (really).
The reason your vote is important is because a
certain other personal publishing site has very
actively in poking and prodding its users to help
them "beat Blogger." That seems to be their
mission in life. That's fine. I don't want to get in
the whole Us versus Them thing. They do good
work, and anyone enabling personal publishers is
cool in my book. But man, they're just so dang
cocky, it would be lame to lose to them just
because we were lazy. We're not lazy. Right?

One more thing: I will be the last to claim that
awards like this � either the people's choice
kind or the "official" judges kind (the Webbies
have both) � add up to much more than a
bunch of flapdoodle in the grand scheme of
things. Nor, more importantly, are such awards
true measures of the quality or worth of the
things being judged. It partially comes down
politics, popularity, and luck (and poking and
prodding). However: I will also be the last to
claim it's not cool to win stuff! More seriously,
it's also useful. After all, recognition often brings
opportunities. And opportunities bring resources.
And those resources may reduce the number of
nights I have to stay up until 5 AM messing with
servers (such as last night -- yes, I'm still
working on the problem), instead of staying up
until 5 AM coding you a cooler, better Blogger.

So, you see, it's in your self interest: Go vote!

Looks like we have a battle on our hands.

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