Delusional Angel (delusionalangel) wrote in lj_biz,
Delusional Angel

Ok people, especially those of you who help out in support:

If you find anything that does not already have a FAQ, have added info for a FAQ (mostly for clients other than the Windows & web ones, help or tricks that the others have not come forward with, etc) let me know.

Between Brad, Dakus in support, questions that come up in support a lot, and myself we have covered the most obvious issues in the FAQs already.

New issues do still come up or for whatever reason myself and the others may not realize that a issue is important enough / wide spread enough to create a new FAQ...

I plan on downloading all of the current FAQs soon (maybe this weekend) and making them all nice and proper - checking spelling, grammar, making sure they are clear enough, etc.

If you do by chance have something that the FAQs should address and have written it up all nice and pretty already send it my way (it will show as updated by me, but I'm by no means an egomaniac so your fix can have your name/link to your journal as credit - if you want it to.. if you don't want that kind of attention then I shall leave your name off of it).


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