Kibbles (kibbles) wrote in lj_biz,

International Customers

I think the methods of payment should be re-evaluated for the international community.

Was just talking to a friend in Australia who was unable to use Paypal, OR iBill. I don't know if this is an Australian thing, or what.

I know a few other places that process payments, and would be glad to list them, I could also ask people in other countries what methods they have had the most success with, when dealing with American companies. Or is it time for LJ to have its own merchant account?

She inquired with LJ (where I don't know) about this issue but got no answer back. I figured if she doesn't follow up, there may be others not willing to speak up.

If you want follow up on this, anyone, let me know the best way to present all the options (if this hasn't been reevaluated in a while) and I would be glad to do the homework.

And of course she could send a money order or something along those lines, but the extra money doing that really isn't worth the effort. A matter of rather having LJ get the money than the banks.

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