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Livejournal Profile On Air

Livejournal will be profiled in the first installment of "Tech Noise" during the INSURRECTION! show on Houston, TX's Earthwire radio. http://www.earthwire.net, this coming Sunday (June 10th) between 12:00 noon, and 4:00pm.

This will not be a hugely detailed story on LJ, just an overview. However, if there are any statements (prepared, marketing, press packs, etc...) that the LJ biz crew think it would be wise for me to have, please send them my way by Sunday 10am. Also, if ANYONE has any audio (prefer mp3) ads for LJ, send them as well.

For the record, I will be profiling a couple of other "diary/weblog" sites (blogger, diary-x, deadjournal). Off the record, LJ will get the most airplay. *g*
In the future, I would like to send a list of questions (to make an email interview" to Brad, and another list to the rest of the LJ staff. A list of email addresses would be cool.

Also, if someone bothers to make me a short mp3 audio ad for LJ, I'll work it into our jukebox that plays when there are no DJs on the air (maybe. I'll try to at least). Worth an idea.

At any rate, send anything you think I need to mention onward. On second thought, unless it coms from LJ staff, don't email it.. just comment.

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