Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

At least they mentioned us...

Slowly but surely, LiveJournal is finding its way into the collective subconscious of the world. We were mentioned in the second installment of Weblogs: A Source of News. I had to tell the writer all about us after reading the first installment, however...

I also contacted Dan Gillmor recently, who was happy to hear about us... he has never heard anything about us before on any of the Blogger and Userland journals he's read . Go figure.

Here's a big hint for the reporters out there. Ever thought of actually researching articles, or do weblogs appeal to you because that way other people can do all your work for you? Who needs to make sure that stories are accurate, impartial, and unbiased when you can just lift them from the Internet... after all, nobody on the Internet is biased or trying to sell you a false bill of goods, right?! Journalists relying blindly on weblogs to do their work for them are a bad idea. Worse than just relying on press releases bad, since at least reporters are smart enough to usually scan amongst hundreds of press releases and report on the ones that seem to matter most. If everyone starts doing their reporting by visiting the top x weblogs daily, then all the news will be the same. Turn on your bullshit meters, guys!

You know what I really dislike about most of the bigname weblogs out there? They're absolutely incestuous... you get a bunch of people talking about bringing the power of the web to the people, but their weblogs are one-directional... no real feedback, and all their sites are linked to each other, and the content of their sites are all made up of each other's posts. If there was any truth in advertising, they would create a site for the digerati that shows it for the pompous, dictatorial, inbred entity that it can be... something like a combination between "Am I hot or not" and a "WAREZ top 100 list" with lots of animated, spooging Zeldmans, or something. ;-)

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