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I love the <lj user> tag ;-)

I want to announce that we (myself and thren) have redone comm_news, as it now includes several aspects of LiveJournal news not regularly covered by news, in a format that gives users the choice to "subscribe" to different sections, to comm_news as a whole, or to any combination of the preceding.

Currently we have 5 sections :

  • comm_news_biz, the business section that covers all of the happenings of lj_biz, news, paidmembers, etc.

  • comm_news_dev, the development tracker that keeps up with the changelog, lj_dev discussions, feature announcements, etc.

  • comm_news_com, the communities section that deals with the specific community aspect of LiveJournal, featuring "Inside Communities" (a weekly interview of a particular LJ community), lists of cross promoted communities from community_promo, etc.

  • comm_news_life, the lifestyles section, featuring "Behind the Journal" (the bi-weekly featuring interviews with select LJ members), etc.

  • comm_news_ent, the entertainment section, home of the weekly Community News Poll, etc.

Basically comm_news filters out the happenings of LiveJournal and presents its material in an objective manner.

Now I bring all this up because there has been a lot of prior discussion of a user customized LiveJournal "homepage", something similar to my.yahoo.com or (pardon the MS reference) msnmember.msn.com. Basically what these services offer are separate modules of information that can be arranged in any specific order/placement, so that the entrance page to their site is customized to each specific user. Now I know I'm not helping all that much because I'm not discussing models of implementation, but I believe that comm_news (and its separate sections), along with the addition of syndicated publishings, would offer the perfect content for what custom LJ homepages need.

Also, there has been talk of re-sending LiveJournal news e-mail to all those that have the information checked, and I propose that comm_news be that newsletter. I put out a weekly edition every Sunday, and it provides more information that what the normal user would receive by only reading the news journal. (and no, I'm not trying to undermine this)

We are still actively recruiting volunteers to write for any section of comm_news, if you want to participate, then contact either myself or thren, and we'll see what we can work out.

And to put aside some conversations before they happen :

  • I know this is more of a suggestion post than anything, but I believe it would receive better attention here.

  • comm_news_* usernames are reserved just like lj_* usernames, so it would be rather hard to forge the news ;-)

Thank you for reading.

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