Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

LiveJournal Wallpaper!

I originally did this montage/collage design for the t-shirts - but it proved to be too much trouble to get onto a shirt... [shrug] so sue me for being detailed. This is how i work best, so whatever. Anyway, the design didn't work out for the shirts so I've altered it slightly and made it into desktop wallpaper. it's a subtle way of advertising. "oh look, what's that neat wallpaper on fred's computer? what's that?" [tap tap tap... click]

it comes in black or white, and in 3 resolutions.

so, take your pick and download it today...

[edited on June 25, 2001]

the wallpapers are now hosted on the lj_art img server space. just go to and look for the files named like "roshi-wpr-1024x768-black.jpg"

if something is up with the links/html/hosting, please let me know. [ideally these would be on lj, hint hint. is that possible?]

also, on a more entertaining/silly note, i've started making a livejournal purity test using the armory engine. it can be found at - i know this kind of thing isn't strictly business, but i thought maybe something like this would keep a few users entertained and stop them from complaining about stuff. [shrug] [yes, i know it's only 77 questions, not 100, question suggestions are heartily welcomed]

ok. enough of my off-topic frivolity. enjoy.

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