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This might be more of a dev thing and not a biz thing, but I don't have access in there, so it can go here :P~

People are continuously asking about how to get an early adopters account, how to add features that are more difficult to be setup for free accounts and how to get anything basically that benefits them....for free...

Now, my idea is...

Can the username accounts be separated from the number (as in user/account number or whatever it is)? I think it would be a good idea to have everyone in a system where the longer they stay with LJ the better type of account they can have.

eg...there are a limited number of early adopter accounts...say someone chooses to delete their account, the person after them (on the number scale) gets their number and they move up the ladder.

One thing I noticed about LJ is that it isn't just the type of journal they have, but what number they are on the list of 100,000 (or whatever it is). If the numbers were more associated with the type of journal and not the user, people can move along the ladder for a smaller number.

The first 100 have perm status for using LJ for the longest
Next however-many-thousand have early adopter
the rest free accounts

Does this make sense?

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