Delusional Angel (delusionalangel) wrote in lj_biz,
Delusional Angel

Minor update on FAQs

Ok I know I have been slacking. Bad me.
I did get the HTML aspect of the page done. Brad has it now and is cleaning up to be put up live. All of the links are there (except for the one on the clients I have nothing for). This way even if the FAQs are not done / updated yet they will be there. Users will see the current FAQs until they are all complete and uploaded. Until then the old ones are mostly ok - more just needed grammar checking - a little rewording - new features added in. Any FAQ not currently uploaded has at least been created with a coming soon (lame yes - place holder to get the html as complete as possible).

Now that I am caught up with personal things... I should be back to really get those FAQs edited... The new ones created... The stuff that genders sent uploaded, etc.

Also remember - if you find anything that we need let me know. Trust me there is almost always something. Obviously, there are some things that need to be looked at before a FAQ can be feasible {} but other things that are found we can often write up a solution ourselves - saving Brad an e-mail or two.

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