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LiveJournals for Musicians...!

Lately, I have been trying to use LiveJournal to solve the needs of artists. For example, we've worked with nationally syndicated cartoonist Shannon Wheeler to bring you "Too Much Coffee Man"... well, we're going to start using LiveJournal to solve the needs of musicians too, ideally giving them useful tools and increased exposure.

What can bands do with LiveJournal? Things like this. This is a news page for a fictitious band, appropriately named The Fiction. As you'd expect, it's quite customizable and can be embedded on external webpages. (Thanks to Roshi for the site design!)

"What's the big deal?" you say?! Well... most bands have a hard time keeping their websites current and keeping in touch with their fans. They are reliant on their record labels to promote, market, and distribute their music... the big problem is that for most bands, record labels aren't that good at it, plus they are exploitive to boot! Through web-based syndication, bands can find their audience in the same way that LiveJournal users can find other users to subscribe to, only on a much larger scale. Eventually, bands will be able to automatically keep in touch with their fans anywhere on the web in a way that is far more effective than maillists, simply by entering text into a computer/PDA/phone and pressing a button. They can also use LiveJournal to let fans sample their songs or buy their albums. Will LiveJournal be the saviour of musicians everywhere? Nope... but we will be pretty useful. I already know one band signed to a major label that is interested in this, and I suspect that there will be others interested in this idea in the not-too-distant future.

Ok... don't everyone start feeling sorry for the record labels all at once! ;->

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