Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

an update on the status of the userpic support area. [yay?]

i started a few basic pages with our terms and conditions and stuff. i know that this is *just* userpics and it won't be that big a deal so some of you will not think we need more than a support forum and a page in the faq. i may have gone a little over the top. anyway. here is the start of what i've put together. these were originally just ideas that i did for petfish for her to respond and make amendments to. at this point in time, only the terms and conditions, faq and examples pages work. i'll wait and see if all this is really necessary before i waste any more time doing more.

you will notice that the terms i had originally, that seraph has put into the existing faq, have changed somewhat.

and today i had my first legitimate userpic request.

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