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Cydniey Joins NDR Staff as Las Vegas Correspondent

press release

NewDigitalReporter.com Expands Digital Photo Coverage
of Biggest Convergence Show Ever!

LiveJournal.com/user/cydniey Joins NDR Staff as Las Vegas Correspondent

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 23, 2001) The NewDigitalReporter.com (NDR), a cyber zine covering converging technologies, is publishing digital photo reports directly from the show floor of The National Association of Broadcasters Annual Convention (April 22-26). It is a worldwide gathering of television and radio broadcasters and professionals from telecommunications, multimedia, film and the Internet.

Online publications and individuals can freely access and use any aspect of the up-to-the-minute articles, providing copyright credit is given with a link to http://www.newdigitalreporter.com.

Utilizing the prolific, enthusiastic LiveJournal.com high-tech talent pool, NDR is expanding coverage through an evolving international correspondent base. Cydneiy Buffers, our newest team member, will cover high tech trade shows, arts and entertainment in her home town of Las Vegas, NV. Since the first of the year, LiveJournal.com photojournalists have been added to the staff in: London, Hollywood, New York, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

"The opportunity to work with NDR is fabulous from so many angles," states Cydniey Buffers, NDR Las Vegas Correspondent," I all but live my life in the digital world. This gives me the rare opportunity to preview technologies I will eventually be using, and share it with my peers."

"CNN does not have a jump on creative, independent electronic news gathers," explains Jack Olmsted, Senior Correspondent NewDigitalReporter.com."Cheap global interaction has arrived. On a personal level, it is rewarding to empower talented individuals to publish their view-points to a collective international audience with a relentless appetite for "as-it-happens" experiences. LiveJournal.com is an excellent cyber community resource where thousands of users explore core values, documenting their lives through a variety of digital communication venues."

Full Release: Business Wire

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