There's no place like (dakus) wrote in lj_biz,
There's no place like

The Livejournal team needs to think seriously about putting together a security team. This team would be made up of a group that can handle complaints such as this (one of MANY that have suddenly come up) and other such issues regarding user account security. I keep referring people to but it seems the time is right to spin off security complaints or mishaps into its own section. The team could even take a proactive role by running a username/pw query tool that the LJ_dev team could write for them, this tool will generate a list of people that have passwords that fall below a standard rating (you know...too simple: password, 1234, the username, livejournal, etc.) They could also devise a long term plan for user security, how to recover hacked accounts (I think we need an account pass phrase for pw backup. You know..."My third grade school teacher's name was..." Ms. Grant or "My goldfish's name is..." Goldie) And on and on...

Let me know what you think. It's too large of a task to handle in support and abuse has their hands full and it all will only get worse.

One last thing, can we have a page here, that is like an FAQ on what is ABUSE and what isn't, maybe even with a web based form to file complaints?

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