Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Removing a $700/month expense.

History time.

Before LiveJournal was LiveJournal, it was a part of Later it was LiveJournal, on's servers. It's always been a property of, inc., the Oregon s-corp.

So, back when it was on, needed a server. We got a server from and upgraded it over and over again. It's a rented server .... we don't own it. It costs $700/month. has been having to pay for that every month, which blows, considering that's more pricey than hosting all of our other servers.

The solution? I got a quote on a new server today that I could transfer the content and services (my website, mail, DNS for LiveJournal) onto. While pricing it I realized it'd be too risky getting anything wussy (single power supply, since IDE hard drive, single NIC, single everything) so I changed some options around and priced out instead a kick ass server.... $6,200. Pretty pricey, but we can use it for LiveJournal stuff too .... Dormando and I are thinking about using it for full text journal searches for paid users, and a place to backup things to (has a bunch of disk space).

So that's the plan --- rather than spending $4,500 on a server that'll be doing nothing and saving us $700/month, we'll spend $6,200 on a better server and still save $700/month, but actually have it be worthwhile to LiveJournal also.

Good plan? I think so. Costs more now, but saves money in the long run (it'll pay itself off in 8 months).

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