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Syndicating comic strips on LiveJournal... will it happen?

Well, its already started, actually... we're just not finished yet and I don't have as many to show you as I would like. I was kind of hoping that things would build up sooner to a critical mass, but you know what... it takes a lot of work for that to happen!

So, rather than delay things, I wanted to introduce you to Too Much Coffee Man.

You can add "Too Much Coffee Man" to your friends list to follow the exploits each week... infact, if you want to support comic syndication over LiveJournal (and the Internet as a whole) it's a really good idea to do so. add to friends list

Having Too Much Coffee Man to start off with is a good thing, since people in the larger comic strip community know about Too Much Coffee Man, which has been in several comic books, and is available in numerous papers throughout the country. My local weekly, The Metro, just added TMCM, infact! Shannon Wheeler, the creator of TMCM, is a really nice (and very patient) person to work with, so she deserves all the support we can give her.

Ultimately, for syndicated comics to succeed on the Internet, it will take two things... willing artists and viewers. Unfortunately, that often leads to a catch-22, where the artists won't participate until there are more viewers and the viewers won't participate until there are more artists. You can help out though, just by reading the strips... which is a pretty cool way to help LiveJournal, actually!

We can also use more volunteers to assist us in finding more artists and more viewers... Ever felt like contacting your favorite comic strip artists? Well, here's your chance! Anyone interested?

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