Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

LiveJournal internships

Yes, internships!

As I've said before to volunteers at LiveJournal, if there is anything that I can reasonably do to help you out (or, to be more specific, to help you help LiveJournal), I will be glad to do so. This includes letters of recommendation on LiveJournal letterhead, etc.

But it occurred to me while I was brainstorming recently that one of the things that we could use is some kind of internship program, for those of you who need to do an internship for college purposes. Well... who better to intern with than us?! We're a real company, after all, and we frankly make it pretty easy.

Do any of you have any knowledge of (or would any of you like to research) what is involved in starting an internship program? Also, does anyone have experience at the place they work at as to how internships should be done? It might be a good idea to have a few volunteers work on implementing this idea. First, we should create a real internship program, then we should target colleges all over the world and let them know that we have internships available for CS, Business, Marketing, etc. Internships could become a great way to gain additional volunteers, as well as promote ourselves on college campuses. It could also give students some much needed real-world experience that will help them out in the future. Maybe we can even get some LiveJournal installs on campus intranets out there...!

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?!

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