Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

userpics help pages/guide

the userpic volunteer pages are mostly complete. you can view them here.

something a couple of us volunteers are wondering, would it be possible for the userpics community to be given style editing rights or something? not really for the look of the journal, more for adding links and stuff like this lj_biz journal has. whether or not we will be given a permanent account status like the other dev/support journals is entirely up to whoever is in charge. [no duh, roshi...]

as for the help pages, the only thing i can think of perhaps adding is a welcome page for the whole thing, instead of having people enter on the terms and conditions page. i'm not 100% sure. i'll see what feedback you guys give me, and also any ideas from the volunteers themselves.

[yes i know volsi's email isn't right. i hadn't gotten it yet. now i have. blah]

the faq needs refining or something.. i'm not sure [my faq not the lj one :/ ]. the questions make sense to me, but maybe the answers need polishing. also, could someone just let me know that the note i have written about the 2 asterisked points in the tos.htm page is okay? sending us porn/illegal/obscene images when we ask not to, can that be deemed an abuse of our services? i just wanted to reinforce those 2 points while making it clear that the other requirements were only just "if you can..." type things.

but. what you see here is very close to what will be bml-ised and put onto livejournal. hopefully.

ok. feedback?

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