Marc-O (marcoo) wrote in lj_biz,

Repost from early yesterday - About the new user info icon

Most people dig it, some don't, but the thing that keeps coming back is the lack of facial features, it seems. What do you think ? Which one do you like best ? As it is for a LJ-wide feature, better be sure :) Keep in mind that the picture that is currently up is a first draft, this poll and this post are made for you, to give advice, so we can together make a better final version of it :)

Do keep in mind too that the purpose of this icon is to lead you to the user info page, its meaning should be "who's this person?". My advice ? The question mark one for the user info icon, and the smirk one for the "add friend" button which needs to be changed too, something like that . Now voice your opinion too, thanks ! ;)

Everybody vote...3...2...1...

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