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Web-ComicClient Version 1.0

Ok, it may not be fancy, it may not be super duper, but it just may save artists or the volunteers who post for the artists.

But check out the Web Comic Client

(Use the test account if you're not me and don't want your password on something not-lj.com. Username: test Password: test )

What it does:

* Logs you in
* Displays Total Readers (Friends)
* Displays Last Post
* Displays Full Account Name
* Accepts Latest Comic Image (either starting with http:// or adds it itself)
* Optional Title Support
* Optional Blurb Support
* Posts the Title, Image, and Blurb to the logged-in journal.

What it doesn't do, but I'm planning on:

* Read the div tags of the last post for Title and Blurb items and auto-fill those in.
* Have an option to edit previous entries (a whole nother section)
* Better Style Sheet
* Ability to post to other journals (ie, communities)

If you find bugs, please email me ibrahim@rydia.net

As for comments, criticism and suggestions, please post comments. :)

And Hope this helps something, somewhere.

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