Delusional Angel (delusionalangel) wrote in lj_biz,
Delusional Angel

Don't mind me - I think I need some of that crack too

Ok working on FAQ stuff still - have some errands to run today but hopefully I can finally get the rest done and up on my site and then live this weekend (?)

Genders has e-mailed me and if offering up help on the FAQ stuff which is good because I know that there are things we are missing (example includes the Client FAQs really have nothing set up for them - also got an e-mail from Brad re: people telling him that others link to their graphics without pemission - will be adding this one too... Think we have seen this a few times now.). I know there are things out there that deserve a FAQ, even, if we have seen then as "support issues" a few times - adding them now can save us a lot of headaches in support / e-mail later on. Having someone willing to go find what we still need helps a lot! I have been doing almost nothing but catching up on e-mail lately (sad I know) I've spent a lot of time on people asking me for help in e-mail rather than support (which I do not mind one bit) but between that, other e-mail, job search I slacked this week... Bad me! I have a little to do today and a hot date with my mommy and best friend tonight and tomorrow but otherwise I am free this weekend and hope to get it all "done".

I was thinking that I might change the "Directory listing issues" to something more like finding people / being found - maybe we could add info on finding people via other ways - example the random link, list some of the multi user forums - LJ_biz, LJ Anonymous, everyone... and let us not forget Brad's nekkid people.

Ok I am for awhile then as Genders would say I will go back to being the Lead of The Faq (had to share that one sorry).

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