Brad (ibrad) wrote in lj_biz,

Amazon Honor System™

I am beginning to see a larger amount of little boxes with "Amazon Honor System" (sample) cropping up on cool sites like LiveJournal. I decided to look into it.

The Amazon Honor System™ (click for more info) is a lot like Paypal--except you can use your already established paybox and customer information. You won't need to spread your address and contact info to yet another site. There are over 29 million customers, that could potentially be investing in LiveJournal with just one click.

One of the cooler features of the system, however, is that it allows any website to be the recipient of amounts as small as $1 from any web user (that's right--just one dollar). If everyone on LiveJournal could just donate a single dollar (or more, of course), how cool would that be? Surely cooler than the 1.9% donation rate LJ has now.

Not to mention, it's from a reliable company like Amazon, it's fully secure and privacy-protected, and payments are refundable within 30 days. The rates that Amazon would pass on to LiveJournal would be around 85% of all moneys donated.

Seeing as how it is gaining popularity quickly, sounds to work well, many LiveJournal users already have accounts, and it allows even smaller donations to be possible more easily, plus the fact it is just another viable payment option, I believe LiveJournal should implement it.

LiveJournal is growing in terms of users... shouldn't it grow in terms of ways for users to contribute, and therefore contributions?

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