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A couple of big milestones...

Sometime around Friday afternoon, looks like we blew past 100,000 users... It took us only 74 days to go from 50,000 users to 100,000 users, with little to no real promotion. That is insane crazy growth. I used to say we doubled in size every three months (90 days)... then I started saying every 80 days... and now I have to adjust that again, I guess. Blogger was twice our size when we were at 50,000 users... and they're 50% larger than us at 100,000 users... I suspect we will be about even when we hit 200,000 users in, say, another 74 days or so. One area where we already clobber Blogger is in the number of posts per day. Dunno... I guess people just like using LiveJournal more. ;-)

Also, on Sunday, we topped 1000 new users in a single day... a new record. I suspect we might beat that today, though. Not too shabby, eh?

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