KT (katyism) wrote in lj_biz,

Well so far two people have been enthusiastic about actually buying one of those shirts I posted. And I thought, "great, maybe I can make a little cash on the side from CafePress after all." But then (shocked at myself) I started to feel bad for thinking that. I would probably get in some sort of trouble for making money off the Livejournal name, even if it is my design that some people liked.

So now my question is... what are the rules as far as this goes? What if some other individual out there has already made money for himself selling LJ shirts he designed, and we don't know about it? is it okay? not okay? If the shirts are to be done "officially," would the "official" designer not get compensated at all? Brad doesn't take a paycheck. Everyone else who helps develop the livejournal community does it strictly volunteer basis, and personally, I have no beef with submitting designs for no compensation.

I guess my more pressing question regards rights and stuff like that, as in my first paragraph up there.

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