KT (katyism) wrote in lj_biz,


In light of recent goings-on around here (including how we are now open source, and the big stink over the ana tampon thing), I thought up some possible slogans for Livejournal tshirts that reflect the open-source, open-minded mentality we might like to present to the world. Open Source, Open Mind. ...or maybe Open Source, Open Minds, Open Book. (as in, a livejournal user's life is an open book to the world.)

I have removed the pictures of the little design sketches I made, because I want to focus on this slogan idea first. Our official designer can contact me for the designs again if he/she wants to use it as inspiration or something (see, I'm open source too!). Of course, the URL www.livejournal.com needs to be in text somewhere on the shirt too.

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