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LJ US/UK Volenteers Needed for Friday Exit Poll

The Bridget Jones's Diary LiveJournal Community is seeking Livejournal volunteers, and new members, to help conduct an �exit poll� next Friday night (Friday 13th) at US and UK theaters in as many cities as possible.

An exit poll is interviewing people as they leave the theater.

To conduct an exit poll

1) Stand outside a theater showing Bridget Jones�s Diary and ask exiting movie goers the list of questions below.
2) Ask and write down the interviewees name and the city/town they live
3) If you have a digital camera, take their picture in front of a BJD poster or the theater marquee
4) Give them a card, like the one enclosed with the LJ BJD address on it, so they can see their comments and read the comments of others
5) Upload the interview comments in the LJ BJD community
6) Upload and link the digital pixs in the LJ BJD community
7) Add your totals to the online poll

Interview Questions
(ruff draft. The final questions will be posted at the LJ BJD community Wednesday)

0. Male/Female
1. Did you enjoy the movie?
2. Did you read the book?
3. Would you recommend BDJ to your friends?
4. Was it worth the price of admission?
5. Would you like to see a sequel?
6. Were the characters believable?
7. Do you keep a diary?
8. Have you used the Internet in the past 30 days?
9. Add a question
10. Add a question

You can print out this card, edit it (example � put your LJ user name in the left corner) or make one of your own. (If you make a different card, please post it in the community. Others may want to use it, too.)

Post Questions, Comments, Concerns here.
Please copy, post and e-mail everywhere.
4 days until show time.

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