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just a quick post regarding userpics. i haven't discussed this with petfish just yet, but she'll read this like everyone else will.

i think if we got a shared email account at some free service and made that the incoming request email it would be better than each getting emails privately. we can't get any wires crossed then. as for figuring out who does what image, we can take it in turns, or do it who is best suited to what imagework is required, or just do a first in best dressed thing. [shrug] what do you think dear?

also i am thinking of doing some examples of what can be done with a fairly ordinary photograph, so we have something we can ask users to view and say what they like best, if they're being vague about their desired image. i dunno.... anyway, yeah, that's my update on the userpic stuff.

and the style i was working on now works in mozilla and netscape. i haven't re-uploaded it for public viewing yet but i have been working on it. i did it using a clear gif image 1 x 1 pixel in size, giving it height and width attributes that match the intended size of the table cell..... i removed the userpic on the recent page because it broke the line of the page too much. well with multiple images now, it would not be the same all the time anyway...

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