Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

A blaintant misuse of power...

...might be to use this space to tell you all about how AT&T, by cutting off access to over 100,000+ former Northpoint customers, is stranding businesses and even online communities. Looks like my old haunt, which has over 5000 members in the bay area, has had their connectivity yanked. Is it just me, or should the FCC represent our interests for a change? Personally, I'd do something... I'd tell my friends, or sign a petition or write the FCC (address at bottom of their webpage) so that this kind of rapidfire corporate liquidation doesn't happen again.

It would also be wrong of me to mention that Petfish, a kind and helpful LiveJournal volunteer, needs to move soon, could use a bit of $$, and is looking for another techie job. Anyone want to help Adopt a Petfish?

Therefore, I shall talk of something else completely. There has been a bit of talk about redesigning the main LiveJournal page with customized slashboxes, customized content, etc. But how? What content? How should this be implemented? I think that a certain unmentionable weblog made a deal with for content, but what kinds of content do people want access to here? Will we get some of it from other sources, or will we "roll our own"?

Let's brainstorm...

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