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New Head of Abuse..!

I wanted to let you all know my decision regarding what to do about handling abuse complaints on LiveJournal.

The number of abuse complaints is growing, and there has been some concern about the need for potentially more than one person to address these complaints. Now, all complaints are based upon violations of LiveJournal's Terms of Service... and when it comes to the T.O.S., there is nobody who knows it as well as Steve Slotnick. (He wrote most of it, after all!)

Steve expressed his interest in being in charge of abuse complaints, but to be honest, he has really contributed to a lot of other areas of LiveJournal business in the past that I was concerned about him taking over a position that would be a good starting point for anyone interested in being involved with LiveJournal. I also wanted him to have a bit of spare time to handle other LJ issues, which he may not have had if he were handling all the TOS complaints himself.

As a result, I decided on this structure. Steve will be in charge of maintaining the TOS and the procedures for resolving potential TOS violations, and he will supervise as many volunteers as he needs to resolve the violations, providing advice and training, as needed, for resolving the issues. I think this is a good thing, in that it allows us to scale easily and reduces the burden on both Brad and I.

It also means that Steve will find volunteer(s) to help him. Those of you who have expressed your interest in helping with TOS violations, expect to be contacted by Steve!

Stay tuned...!

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