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Brad Fitzpatrick


We got one of our servers back from ASL today (they'd shipped it to us with a defective motherboard), so now things are fast again. They're offering to replace the motherboard in the other server we bought from them (even though we haven't had problems with it... yet?) but I'd rather not be without 3 web servers again. They won't cross-ship entire systems so we have a choice now to either buy a new identical server from them, then ship back the not-yet-defective one for an upgrade once the new not-defective one arrives, or just not buy a new one and hope the current one (that's been alive and running well for 45 days so far) continues to behave.

In summary, our choices are: (number of webservers in bold)

  • 3, -1=2, +1=3 -- ship back lj-kyle which is working fine, but might be defective (they were having problems with the motherboard manufacturer). site gets slow while ASL fixes it. ASL isn't particularly speedy at anything.
  • 3, +1-1=3, +1=4 -- buy a new machine, when it arrives set it up and then send back lj-kyle. site remains fast, and faster when the new one comes.
  • 3 -- do nothing. keep lj-kyle and keep the site fast, and don't give ASL any more business. hope lj-kyle doesn't die.
Buying a new server would set us back $2,000 or so, but it's always nice to have another server. Plus it'd be nice to have serverworks chipsets in all the machines, instead of the apparently crappy one that's in lj-kyle now. (lj-stan was the defective one we just got back upgraded)

Blah, rambling. I think Mark was going to post about this anyway, but I just kept typing. Can't think straight, so I'll post more later.


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