Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

Looking for volunteer(s) for a very fun position...

Like comics?! Would you like to work with comic strip artists to distribute their works through LiveJournal?

I have started contacting several comic strip artists in order to assist them in distributing their strips through us for free. We, in turn, will drive traffic back to their website, just as they will tend to drive traffic to our website.

I've worked with a couple artists so far and things are looking good. I am working with them to create prototype designs for how their strips will look when syndicated, and things are looking pretty promising with some good talent interested in what we have to offer them.

What I need is someone who will basically enable a lot of this to happen... either working with the artist so that they are able to easily post to LiveJournal with their latest comic strip, or posting the comic strip for the artist in question. There is also the need fpr people who can contact these artists and get them to distribute their work through us... and I will need someone(s) to create a community for these distributed comics. I think we are probably looking at two people, really.

This is really just a first step for us in actively seeking and syndicating artists. Anyone(s) interested in this project?

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