Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Money and stuff

Quick money update:

Remember before I said "we have $12,000, so all we need is $10,000 more before we buy the new $21,000 server and stuff?" But then I said, "oh, my accountant/mom says we only have $7,000". Well, turns out we do have $12,000 after all.... $5,000 had been deposited to the bank from paypal, but my mom hadn't imported the quickbooks file I'd sent to her yet.

So, we have enough money, but --- not all of that money is LJ money. The $12,000 we have is money, which is where I put all my income... royalties, contract work, etc. LJ is part of that, and most of it, but not all. Lately I've just been spending all of it on LJ stuff ("What? We have $4,000? Let's spend it all on new servers!") but with taxes coming up, I'm going to need to pay myself to cover taxes. But don't worry --- the amount I need for taxes is within the amount that is non-LJ money anyway. And even if I did have to dip into LJ money sometime, it'd only be subtracting from the $9,600 LJ owes me anyway, from the money I put down in the beginning.

In summary, it's all good.... after my taxes (and LJ's too, I believe) there will be still be about the amount we need for the new server, especially considering the money that's come in for normal paid accounts from the time of the fundraiser's close to now.

Bored? Thanks, I try. :-)

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