Mike Stomp (stompmgood) wrote in lj_biz,
Mike Stomp

Hello All

All right. I haven't posted here yet. Some seem to be putting some ideas up and others are just posting to say hi. I plan on doing both, so hello everyone.

I have been reading what everyone's ideas and an idea that I had came up in one of the previous entries. It deals with a customizable sidebar. This would eliminate the need for guessing links that should be on that sidebar that would fit everyone's interests. But before this could really take effect, we would need a site map. Our current site map needs to have more work done. It just doesn't seems to be complete. After users have access to a complete sitemap (as well as everyone having knowledge of it, via a link on the sidebar) we can get a more concrete idea as to the links users use most for a default sidebar. I am not saying that our current one sucks, but it lacks certain links.

Basically, today and tomorrow I will be surfing LiveJournal to find all the links to areas.
Who should I send this to when I am finished?

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