Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

instant wallpaper - just add paste.

a 4-panel preview of some colourways i had in mind for the lj wallpaper. i said before, i would be willing to mess about with my t-shirt image and make it into a wallpaper.

i've just done that. mark said it wouldn't be a bad idea, some lj users would definitely use a lj wp for their pc.

anyway. i may make a properly commissioned wallpaper in the future, but that may have to wait a little longer, as i am in the middle of a site design and i have another wallpaper of my own on the go right now. i'm not too good with 3d stuff, i can't get studio max to work on my machine, but photoshop and 2d stuff i can do anything.

that's a call for suggestions or ideas for the proper lj wallpaper. i don't see this one as a "real" wallpaper, since it's just a quick hack and recolour of the t-shirt design. it doesn't look too bad on a desktop, though. the space at the left is ideal for those cruddy windows icons that stick on your desktop... or not...

so, what do you want to see in the real lj wallpaper i'm gonna make in a while? [i intend to do another design just for variety - different colourschemes of the same design is boring]

edit - fixed up link. it's late. sorry. thanks stompmgood for pointing this out.

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