apophenia (petfish) wrote in lj_biz,

Some stuff I'd been considering

Hi, been thinking about some of this stuff for a while, just cleaned up a bit of it so that it'll make sense here. Here goes . . .
As a mental state indicator (no, we can never have too many of those :P ) we now have multiple userpic support. Many users are not using this feature at all, but most are. I'm seeing that those who are using it are generally either using it to denote the content of the post, or as . . . almost a secondary mood indicator. Given this information, I thought it'd be cool if there were a way for the userpic that appears on a user's lastn page to be the userpic they selected for their latest entry.
Some questions of course as to how it can or should be done. Should this be integrated into the style system? Should it be a journal option? (i.e. A checkbox under 'Modify Journal.') Can/should it be separate from the userpic used to posted comments, or should this be able to replace default userpics as we know them now?

Something I'd thought of and a few others had mentioned for LJ clients would be a find//replace feature. I honestly don't know about the non-web or windows clients, so this may already be a part of the others. It'd be really fairly cool to see it in the windows client, however.

I've always wanted to reply to comments via email. I usually have at least 3 browser windows open for LiveJournal, one of them being a dedicated comments window. It'd be faster if I could just reply by email.

Soon roshi and I will be creating userpics for users who request it. This made me think about other things we could do to help out users in small ways. Several people have actually asked me in comments how I customized my style, even though it's just little things, page titles, readlinks, etc. Perhaps we could have a few people around to make these changes for users who really want it but don't feel confident enough to do it themselves?

I don't know what the demand is like for shared journals, but it might be good to have a few people on this, as well. So, instead of 'user sets up journal, user emails brad, brad reviews their requests and maybe sets up shared journal' we could have 'user sets up journal, user emails shared@livejournal.com (or something), they review it, then forward to brad if it's legit.' Seems like it'd take a little more of the load off him.

I know right now the windows client has several options that open up a browser and goes to the specific page, be it your friends page, or userinfo, etc. 's kinda slow. It'd be nice if there were a way these could be integrated into the client. I usually just go directly in the browser windows I already have open. I honestly don't know how many users use the options in the client.

I've already mentioned this one to evan, but I fought with my style for a day or so trying to change %%currents%% so that I could have it read as something like 'noise' and 'feeling'. There's not currently a way to do this, not easily, at least. Arbitrary currents are coming up, I think.

And yes, we ought to get evan and brad crack, cheap whores, laxatives and midgets. Dwaggie requests a bevy of redheads, but . . . he's already got one . . .

I think that's all for now.

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