Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_biz,

Couple thoughts

Currently we have nearly 10,000 users signed up to receive news from LiveJournal - I talked to Brad briefly and he said they stopped with a newsletter and opted for the news journals instead - the thing is, out of 9667 people, we have only ~400 people actually watching the news journal.

To add on to a discussion in Will's post, what would stop us from sending a weekly summary/report on how LiveJournal is doing, and all of the extraneous news and whatnot?

Mart also suggested the idea of subscribing to the N journals (news, loserjabber, and lj_win32 for now); having a week's synopsis in your in-box rather than having to mill through the journal.

Could we have people working on a newsletter, and every week have a plain text and HTML version ready to send to people?

And would it also work by sending news along with a paid account's "stats", provided we ever implement a counter for them?

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