Curly Fry and the Tator Tots (jaebird) wrote in lj_biz,
Curly Fry and the Tator Tots


I wrote a letter to webjump stating..:

At another website, I have discovered that there is the possibility
that Web Jump doesn't allow External linking, (pictures to be shown
from your site onto other companys sites) is this true?

At 03/15/2001 11:13 AM we wrote -

We have updated our server software to prevent users from serving
files or images from WebJump to pages hosted on other services. We
had to implement this change because some users were using our
service for file storage and weren't actually hosting their sites
with us (so our banners don't get any impressions). This does
prevent users from drawing images from WebJump servers for display
on web pages hosted on other services such as Ebay. It is
unfortunate, but was necessary to prevent abuse of our resources. We
apoligize if this lessens your enjoyment of our service.

Hm..anyone else written to other companys *grumbles*?
I like the "We Wrote.." So anyone got sites that can be used?

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