Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

heya. just a quick post to see if i, or one of the other userpic volunteers, could be granted that admin ability to search for a user by email regardless of whether they hide their email addy or not. this is because we have got and have been getting requests for userpics with no usernames, and the people don't seem to reply to our prods and pokes. it's not about getting their email address - we already have that. if we wanted to sell their addy to some porn spam place, [not that we would...] we could have already. we just want the usernames, for the help pages user list.

if not, i can assemble a list of emails that we have no usernames for, and give them to someone with the admin rights to search unconditionally, and waste their time by finding them out for us.... sound good? :P

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