defunct (thegreatdark) wrote in lj_biz,

Display user pics on lastn view

Formal feature suggestion - Display user pics on lastn view</font>

Short Description
Users would be able to display custom pictures as an option on their "lastn" view, enabling further moods and stuff like that.

Long Description
Users can upload a maximum of (used to be, anyway) ten pictures to represent them doing various things. All my friends that use this feature have pictures of them sleeping, shocked, bored, happy, and the like. Implementing this would allow the person to display their current picture in the same manner user pics are displayed on Friends view.

  • Visitors to the user's Livejournal can see these custom pictures as well
  • People who don't have the user as a friend can see it
  • It makes it easier to create styles :o)

  • It could get cluttered or something, but they could always just not use a style that shows pictures...

Add a feature to the style editor that reads from the DB, loading the data for the user's current picture (same as the Friends view does with FRIENDS_FRIENDPIC.

The image server may become a bit more bogged down, but chances are that the images will only be loaded once, and from then loaded off the disk cache of visitors.

I think this would, at worst, be another handy feature of LJ, and at best, be a very cool addition to having custom pictures.

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