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Looking for news from the trenches...

I am concerned that some departments of LiveJournal might not be scaling well enough to keep up with increasing needs... and this particularly applies to support and abuse.

I'm looking for answers to the following questions from our volunteers:

How is support doing?

How long does it take for people to get answers to their questions lately, as opposed to several months ago?

If support is any more or less responsive than before, what are the reasons why?

Is the department scaling in either number of volunteers or in the overall efficiency of services to keep up with the growth of demand for support? ( Assuming that unless something changes, the number of support issues will double every three months.)

What are the top 10 most common support issues, and how can we address these issues more clearly to make sure that they are resolved without the need for human assistance?

What changes anywhere within LiveJournal might reduce the demand for support or increase the efficiency of the support volunteers?

What can we do to increase the number of volunteers to address support issues, as needed?

Do we need to create a training program to bring new volunteers up to speed more rapidly?

The same goes, of course, for any department within LiveJournal. Are there any departments that aren't as responsive as they should be? Here's your chance to discuss it. Ideally, we can develop a few ideas to address the problems.

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