Joe Wreschnig (piman) wrote in lj_biz,
Joe Wreschnig

Formal feature suggestion - Projects

LiveJournal "project" accounts.

Short Description
LiveJournal's todo list, shared journals, easy updating, and commenting features are very suited towards collaborative programming projects. LoserJabber already does this.

Long Description
SourceForge sucks, and Advogato isn't very powerful. LiveJournal already has most of the infrastructure of SourceForge - todo lists, news, bug reports/feature requests (via comments), etc. Mailing lists aren't needed; CVS is, but LiveJournal supporting CVS for large projects would be unrealistic.

Free Software/Open Source stuff could be free; proprietary development could require a paid account.

- More developers attracted
- Revenue source for proprietary software or FTP space
- Displaces bad services like SourceForge
- Provides better services for developers

- More accounts, more server space (but nothing really prevents that now)
- Someone would have to police the accounts to make sure they're free software (or we could just not charge for proprietary development)
- Displaces good services like Advogato
- Requires finishing todo feature
- Unimportant compared to other pending features

Having not seen the code, I make no sure statements here, but I would assume "project" types would be no different than "community" types.

Indirect/Existant Problem
This, along with communities, are going to eventually take up a lot of namespace, I think. Is there any way we can separate the names, so more people can make user accounts? (for example, my "Reed" software project has the same name as someone on my friends list, which already causes confusion).

[Forgot to mention...]
I understand this isn't very important, and that there's a lot more important things to be working on now. On the other hand, it's something we should consider for mid/ong-term planning.

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