Scott Freeman (scottfreeman) wrote in lj_biz,
Scott Freeman

Ideas For Selling LiveJournal

I've had a brain-storming session, inspired by Brads post. Here's a few bullet list things I've thought of. Some are better then others - feel free to pick them apart. Any specific numbers, price, whatever is just an example ... I expect everyone to critise!

  • Sell userpic slots ($10 = 5 pics?).
  • Sell FTP image space ($10 = 1Mb?).
  • Free Accounts loose old LJ posts over 6 months old.
  • Customising look of LJ pages disabled. Allow last_n open to customisation as incentive.
  • Limit number of changes free users can do on S2.
  • Restrict (only 5 entries) or disable To Do for free users.
  • Restrict (only 5 entries) or disable Memories for free users.
  • User Directory only available to paid users.
  • Topic Directory only available to paid users.
  • Only 5 members in a free account community, 20 members in bronze ($15), 40 in silver ($30), unlimited in gold ($50).
  • Free accounts can only download "lite" clients (no spellcheck, no advanced features (friends update check, etc)).
  • Limit number of message board replies for free account.

Any comments?

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